The Baby

In April, Kasey surprised Jason with wonderful news early one morning. She sent a photo to him, a photo of a positive pregnancy test! Jason literally shouted for joy while at work, but luckily no one else was in yet. Awkward moment avoided.

After a few ultrasound appointments and nearing the end of the first trimester, they decided to make an announcement. They shared that Kasey is pregnant with a little boy! Hopefully beautiful too, or Kasey won’t be able to love him! Her words, we swear…

The little boy has been developing well, pretty darn active, and doing his best to keep mommy awake at night. Hopefully he continues to develop well, even through birth and onward. His debut will be coming end of December, so before then, let’s all celebrate at their expense!

We eagerly await their baby boy! Let’s surprise Kasey, and wish them good health and prosperity!