Gift Registry

Kasey and Jason have made registries, but Jason wanted to include a message with this page.

Thank you for visiting this page! It means a lot to us you’re looking for our registries. While we do have registries, they are quite disorganized or don’t contain useful things. To be honest, we have no idea what we are doing, or what to even put on these lists. As any logical young adult would do in 2017, we’ve consulted our best friend to help make this list… Google.

So, please, don’t overthink gifts. Feel free to improvise since that’s pretty much what we did. Also, things always break, so don’t stress about bringing something we already have. Duplicates are warmly welcomed. Now, mos importantly, feel free to just come and celebrate with us! For all we care, just give us a high five!

As cliche as it sounds, what is most important is any advice, words of comfort, and moral support. We are scared, nervous, and young. It’s our first child. Regardless of the amount of books we read, Google searches we scroll through, or all the blogs we subscribe to, we know we won’t be prepared for raising a child. What we do know is we want to go on this adventure together, and couldn’t be more excited!

So, if you don’t know what to give us as a gift, just give us advice! We will truly appreciate it. Just the fact you are reading this right now already tells us how much we mean to you, and that’s pretty awesome. Some good advice, or a helping hand will be more valuable than any gift!

So please, feel free to just show up to help shower Kasey with positive thoughts! Thank you all very much!

Warm Regards,

Yang Kan and Jason

The expecting parents do have registries at Amazon and Target. Please feel free to come and just have a good time though. That’s the whole goal here. It’s a break from the mundane, and a day for them to feel relieved and special. Some time to let out some stress.



If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us, Diana or Jessica!